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MUST2GO is a platform created for every traveler around the world. Here you will find a lot of entertainments and can receive professional support from tour operators in real time.

We want to build a company for you and with your help, so we offer you to become our shareholders.

Our achievements in 1.5 years

1) The number of downloads of mobile applications has reached 15,000 and continues growing up.

2) Every day 150-300 people use our application

3) We have added over 2500 entertainment products in 85 cities of the world.

4) 3 offices opened: Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul, to be closer to our customers and service providers

5) Everyone who has used our service returns to us again

Why do we need the investments:

1) We have contract with the largest world entertainment corporation TripAdvisor to place their offers on our platform, this is more than 200,000 entertainment around the world

2) We need to quickly increase the number of users to 250,000 people in order to get the effect of self-sustaining development

During this time, we tried a lot of tools and found the perfect and inexpensive way to attract customers, it is time to put it "on the stream".

What do you get?

1) You become a co-owner of a promising project that sets itself an ambitious task to become a leader in the CIS market in its field.

2) In-travel card, which will allow you to buy entertainments and excursions around the world at the lowest possible prices (no extra charge) and receive VIP travel support from our guide operators. Your card will have unlimited validity.

3) The opportunity to participate in the company development, the distribution of dividends and in the case of the sale to get your part from companies shares.

How it works

1) We produce the electronic shares based on blockchain technology on the Ethereum platform (MST: MUST2GO Security Token). According to the world's leading analysts, in the near future, the shares of most companies will be only in this electronic form.

2) There are 500 million shares, the number remains unchanged, it is spelled out in the smart contract.

3) You make a payment then we verify your identity only then you receive it into your e-wallet using Ethereum technology. If you do not have a wallet, we will help you to register it, it's free.

What you should do?

1) Add to the cart the amount of shares you want to buy.

2) Pay for it with your card, wait for the questions in the chat, provide the necessary documents and wallet address.

3) We verify the documents and send the shares to your wallet and also provide you with a traveler card. The whole process takes 1-2 days.

If you want to buy a large number of shares and pay by card, cash or cryptocurrency, contact the operators, they will give you the necessary contacts.

The current value is $ 0.05 per share. In 2 years our company will value $ 500 million. It means that by investing now, we assume that the value of your shares will increase in 50 times.

At the moment, the project needs $ 1 million, it means $ 200-300 from each user.

You will get your 200-300$ back during your 1-2 trips to any country while using the in-travel card.

You will also receive dividends, in the case of their payment or in case of the sale of the company, the corresponding amount to the shares value.

Invest in the MUST2GO project, we need you as you need us!

Important information
How to get