Excursion to Big Almaty Lake BAL

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Tour programm:

  • 8: 30 Gathering in the hotel lobby, you will be met by a guide and escorted to the bus.
  • 9: 00 Departure from Almaty.
  • 10: 30 Arrival to the monument "Bears".
  • 10: 35 Excursion to Ayu-Sai waterfall.
  • 11: 00 Departure to the waterfall “Maiden's tears".
  • 11: 35 Excursion to the waterfall “Maiden's tears".
  • 12: 05 Departure to BAL.
  • 12:15 Arrival to BAL. Free time.
  • 12: 35 Collecting at the bus and departure on the river Kazachka.
  • 13: 20 Arrival on the river Kazachka. Picnic and photo shoot.
  • 14: 20 Collection and departure to the Falcon farm “Sunkar”.
  • 14: 35 Arrival at the nursery.
  • 15: 10 Collecting and departure home.
  • 16: 35 Arrival in Almaty, transfer to the hotel.

Review and Facts:

This alpine lake (2510m) is located in a depression 25km south of Almaty. Like a sparkling mirror, surrounded on all sides by majestic peaks. Depending on the time of year, the lake changes its color - from light green to turquoise-blue. The Bolshaya Almatinka River flows into it and flows out. Around the lake there is a wild, unique beauty of nature: moraines, scree, rocks, slender Tien Shan firs.

The length of the lake is 1.5 km, depth is 35m. Above the lake is the Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory (2,700 m) and the space station (3,300 m), where you can watch the celestial bodies for the night.

The road to the lake is very picturesque and beautiful. She passes by slender spruce and mixed forests, in the summer with enchanting freshness of greenery, and in the fall with her bright colors! The tape serpentine, then dives under the canopy of trees, then winds along a steep slope above the gorge.

Important information
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Big Almaty Lake, Almaty, Kazakhstan