Excursion to the Mount Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine

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Welcome! I am your virtual tour guide around the world. I have prepared for you an overview of the tour - Mount Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine from Sharm El Sheikh.

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Tour programm:

Transfer from the hotel

  •  Climbing Mount Moses
  •  Visit to the monastery of St. Catherine
  •  Transfer to the hotel

Review and Facts:

In the heart of Sinai is the sacred mountain of Moses, where he spent 40 days waiting for the voice of God. The rise of the hill will start the night with a little light in the hand, on the serpentine track. With each step you will feel how strong the energy of the place you are in. The path is not easy, but in order to find an incomparable harmony of the soul, to feel the sacred air and repeat the path of Moses himself, it is worth working hard. You can not imagine what amazing events are happening here every day, how perfect the mechanisms and processes created by God – we mean a stunning sunrise right from under Your feet, because Mount Moses - the highest point in Egypt-3855 meters. Here-the purest trembling air, sometimes even snow and a special atmosphere of a sacred place on Earth. At 9 am the doors of the mysterious and beautiful monastery of St. Catherine open, where we can put candles, pray and touch the shrines. This trip leaves indelible impressions, they can not be described in words. This is the purification of the soul and body, the acquisition of new knowledge, a journey into eternity, to the origins of world culture.

Important information
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Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt