Jeep Safari from Hurghada

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Duration: 8 hours
Age limit: 3+ Guide: English, Russian

Welcome! I am your virtual tour guide around the world. I have prepared for you an overview of the Jeep Safari from Hurghada.

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Important Information:

  • Child ticket: from 6 to 12 years old
  • Children: below 5 years old are free
  • Age restriction: no
  • Cancellation: 48 hours
  • Time (working hours or pick up or drop off): daily
  • Dress code: casual
  • Included in the price: transfer from the hotel and back to the hotel (JEEP), english speaking instructor, tea and flatbread from Bedouins, dinner + drinks, National show (belly dance, fakir)
  • Not included in the price: arafat (can be purchased on site), photo and video shooting, personal expenses
  • It is recommended to bring: water, arafat, safety glasses, comfortable clothes and shoes, money for personal expenses, good mood!
  • Note: Full details about this tour you will receive via e-mail or in chat within 24 hours

Tour programm:

  • Jeep Safari from Hurghada

Review and Facts:

The desert occupies most of the territory of Africa, and stretches for many thousands of kilometers, sand dunes, like a huge ocean, and its relief beauty affects the human eye with its elegance, immense freedom and of course you will come to the delight of "Mirages" that appear in the form of reservoirs and rivers, then disappear as soon as you want to get closer! The tour of Jeep Safari will start with the fact that our transfer-Jeep will take you from the hotel and you will start your desert journey! Our experienced drivers will gladly take You on a modern Jeep special, checked the route through the deserted space, sometimes with elements of extreme sports and sharp descents, or maybe you want a better look at all the beauty and zapechatlet the most unusual photo and video moments? You will be able to do it on your own, also after the tour you can order a memorable disk from a professional videographer! Your marstrom will be targeted in the "Bedouin village" where they live "the Bedouins," you will make a halt and people of the desert, a closer look will introduce You to national traditions, to us at first glance is wild and exotic, but it's life and the other they don't know! You will drink traditional tea, cakes prepared before your eyes, you will see the utensils of "Camels" without which no Bedouin, because they are their valuable helpers and worth their weight in gold! Also Bedouins for many centuries, get along well with wildlife, lizards, snakes, turtles, they have made a small terrarium for you. The desert is especially beautiful at sunset, where bright colors will change to a matte shade of mystery! You will be offered dinner, but not to get bored, a small national show (fakir and belly dance). At the beginning of the tour you will be shown how to tie a national element of the headdress a large scarf "Arafat", it protects from sand, because the sand like powder flies everywhere! At the end of the tour you will also be taken back to the hotel!