Nis and Devil’s Town tour

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Welcome! I am your virtual tour guide around the world. I have prepared for you an overview of the excursion Nis and Devil’s Town.

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Tour Program:

  • Nis
  • Skull tower
  • Concentration camp from World War II
  • Devil's Town

Review and Facts:

Pickup at 7 am in your hotel in Belgrade. Nis is the largest city in this part of Serbia, known as the birthplace of Constantine the Great. After exploring the city and listening to the story about this famous Roman emperor, the tour continues to Skull tower, where you will learn about The First Serbian uprising against Ottomans in 19th century and its victims. The history lesson continues at a concentration camp from World War II. You will hear about the torture that thousands of captured people experienced during the war. Finally, explore Devil's Town, a natural monument comprised of two natural phenomena: the soil figures (specific forms of relief) and two springs of extremely acid water with high mineralization. In fact, Devil's Town is a New Seven Wonders of Nature nominee. Arrival to Belgrade late in the evening and drop-off in your hotel.

Important information
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Niš, Serbia