Tour: Safari + Marine Park

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Welcome! I am your virtual tour guide around the world. I have prepared for you an overview of the Safari and Marine Park.

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Tour program:

  • Safari on the bus in the open part
  •  Walk through the closed part
  •  Dinner

Review and Facts:

Visiting Safari World consists of two parts. First, you will enjoy a Safari by bus in the open part of the zoo, during which you will be able to observe the life of wild animals in "natural conditions". You can see rhinos, zebras, camels, Buffalo, antelope, lions, tigers and many other animals and birds. Especially impressive is the herd of giraffes, which according to our calculations has about 100 heads. After the Safari, head to the closed part of the zoo, a walk through which will also bring you a lot of positive emotions. A big plus of the Safari world zoo is that it is very conveniently organized internal area, which is successfully inscribed in the tropical jungle and is therefore protected from the scorching sun. Even in the heat to walk here is very nice. Here you will also see many exotic animals and birds, some of which can even feed. Another feature of the Safari world zoo is that on its territory you can see a variety of shows (their schedule can be found at the box office), each of which is quite drawn to a separate tour. This is especially true of seals and dolphins. The performance is done at a very high level and totally captures the attention. Safari Park in Bangkok-this is the tour, after which there will be no regrets about the money spent on it. Well, for children visiting this zoo in general will be one of the most memorable adventures in Thailand.

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Bangkok, Thailand