Bangkok + China Town tour

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Welcome! I am your virtual tour guide around the world. I have prepared for you an overview of the Bangkok + China Town tour.

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Tour programm:

  • China Town (Chinatown)
  • Chao Phraya River Tour
  • Temple of Dawn

Review and Facts:

Every major megapolis of the world has its own China Town (Chinatown). Of course, Bangkok is no exception to this rule. It also has its own Chinatown. And one of the largest and most ancient in the world! As the largest port city in the South of East Asia, Bangkok has always attracted merchants from around the world. Of course, the Chinese merchants simply could not help but notice such an attractive place. When exactly the first Chinese arrived here, nobody knows, but the fact that for a long time it is for sure. There is even a hypothesis that the very name of the city "Bangkok" has Chinese roots. In general, the story of Bangkok is the story of China Town, and vice versa. It was in Chinatown at the beginning of the 20th century that Prince Chakrap-Pong lived with his Russian wife Ekaterina Desnitskaya. In the middle of the 20th century there were Chinese opium smoking houses. The Triads, the famous Chinese mafiosi, were in charge of everything here. Today, the Bangkok Chinatown is one of the richest areas of the city. In China Town there are a lot of jewelry stores, shops of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese food, cafes and restaurants.

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Bangkok, Thailand