Excursion to Dead Sea and Bethany half day

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Welcome! I am your virtual tour guide around the world. I have prepared for you an overview of the Tour of the Dead Sea and Bethany from Amman.

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Tour program:

  • Transfer from the hotel in Amman
  • Transfer to the Bethany
  • Free time on the Dead sea for swimming and recreation
  • Return to the hotel in Amman

Review and Facts:

We invite you to spend the day in Jordan with pleasure for the soul and for the benefit of the body. You will travel to the dead sea salts, located 422 meters below the level of the world ocean, which allows the temperature of the dead sea to remain 10 degrees higher than the rest of the country. In the waters of the dead sea king Herod the Great was treated. the dead sea was used for medical purposes and in Byzantine times. Here is the treatment of diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, sinusitis, diseases of the digestive tract and the circulatory system.

The place beyond the Jordan – Bethany, is considered sacred and a pilgrimage destination for the faithful, where he was baptized by John the Baptist himself was the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It was here in Jordan that this world event took place in history. The Jordan river is shared by two States Israel and Jordan, and it is Jordan that inherited the place of Bethany (Beth Ainon) or Bethany – so it is called. Not everyone was lucky enough to visit here, but many pilgrims still come here and make bathing in the waters of Jordan.

Bethany (Bethany) is a complex on the banks of the Jordan. There is a place and a memorial arch, built in honor of the ruler of Jordan Hussein, where he served the mass of the Pope in the open air. Also, this place is significant for believers because here the prophet Elijah was ascended to heaven.

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