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Welcome to one of the most popular amusement parks in Dubai!

What is it

Bollywood Parks ™ is the first and so far the only theme park in the world, based on Indian but not-American film masterpieces. Here everything about the India! The atmosphere is incredible: painted elephants, snow-white palaces, intricate air pavilions with openwork arches and carved panels, bright colors of decor and lighting, as well as songs, dances and happy smiles. Total fun!

How do we get? Together with Allactivities.online everything is very simple :)

How to get

You can get the park by yourself in the following way: first you need to take the metro to Ibn Battuta Metro Station on the red line, from there you can take a bus that takes you directly to the park within 30 minutes. If you are for the first time in the country, we recommend you to take a taxi or a comfortable transfer at a super price. You can add the service in the basket :)

And here we now :) The entrance to the Bollywood park


If you are looking for the extreme, then you are definitely not here :) The highlight of this park is that without leaving the UAE you can fully plunge into the magical world of India and Indian fairy tales!

There are a few cool rides, most of them are related to the filmmaking process. Here you can learn about new technologies in the cinema, watch the creation of special effects, and even go on to play the role of an actor in an Indian film.

At many venues, visitors are recommended to wear 3D glasses. Thanks to it you will appear inside the picture, and everything will happens around you but not on front of you.

Note: One of the most spectacular amusements in the park is a dance show on the stage of the Rajmahal Pavilion (daily at 8:00 pm).

Bollywood Park in Dubai consists of 5 themed areas. In each of them you will find a place where you can eat (the kitchen is here for every taste) and buy souvenirs :)

The main attraction is considered to be the Royal Plaza, namely the Grand Theater Rajmahal

Here they often hold shows, concerts and various performances. The highlight of this zone is also a restaurant, stylized under the plot of the 1960 film about the Mughal era.

Then you can comfortably sit in front of the stage in the Bollywood Boulevard zone :)

It's funny, and next to there you will find the restaurant with live rock music!

The Mumbai Express is an integral part of most Indian films. Therefore, follow the Mumbai Chowk zone to enjoy the extreme show.

In the next Rustic Ravine zone, you can ride the Ferris wheel and look at the park from a height :)

Well, the main feature of the park is Bollywood Film Studios

Everyone can take off their own trailer, learn the specifics of stunts and the creation process of special effects

The park is accessible in any period of the year, as many entertainments are located under shelter. But children never remain indifferent when they hear the sounds of incendiary melodies.

If you did not have time to eat on the territory, you can visit restaurants in the nearby River Lend or Hotel Lapita.

Within the complex you can still visit Motiongate and Legoland.

Important information
How to get
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Reviews (2)
I have long wanted to visit this park and finally I visited it. It is a great place for Bollywood movie lovers such me. There are many authentic cuisines to visit, I liked this very much! I will visit Bollywood park again.
I’m not a fan of Indian movie, but this place I really liked! Special atmosphere of Bollywood, traditional performances, this place even smells like India! Many interesting locations, restaurants with Indian food, lot of entertainments. It’s the perfect place to spend the day with the family.