Burj Khalifa "AT THE TOP" prime hours tickets

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Welcome to one of Dubai’s most popular attractions!

What is it

Everybody knows about the Burj Khalifa :)

But in order to get the desired height, we recommend to book tickets in advance, especially if you want to get it for the sunset time :)

Here you have already bought tickets, but how to get there you don't know?

Allactivities.online will help you;)

How to get

The best way to get here is by metro. You need to go the station Burj Khalifa on the red line. You can also use a taxi or order a comfortable transfer from us directly to the Dubai Mall. To do this, just add the service you need in the basket :)

The road from the metro to the mall takes about 10 minutes. You can follow a given route through a special tunnel with air conditioning and horizontal escalators, which will allow you to get to the entrance even faster.

Attention! You should come 30 minutes before the appointed time, but if you are confused by the queues and you want to get into the sunset time, then click here Tickets for Burj Khalifa 124, 125 floors, prime time


You can get the Burj Khalifa observe desk only through the Dubai Mall, if you will come to the tower itself, you will have to go back and lose your time. There are no elevators to observation platforms on the front side of Burj Khalifa :)

In Dubai Mall look for signs At The Top. Ticket offices are located at LG level. If you have any difficulties, check with any guard :)

Well, here you are :) At the entrance you will see the layout of the tower itself.

Then you will enter the corridor, where you will be able to get acquainted with the history of the Tower in details :)

The Burj Khalifa corridor itself is already impressive!

It is incredible!

The corridor leads you to the elevator, which also amazing with its manufacturability. We will not talk much, it needs to be seen.

Interesting fact: Elevators' speed is 10 meters per second.

The observation platform At the Top has a 360 degree view and is located at an altitude of 425 meters above the ground!

Unbelievable views are opening

It is with this ticket only you will be able to see the city in three different forms for very cheap price!

On the 124th floor you can also find a small open-air area where you can take even more cool photos.

By the way, an incredible view of the legendary Dubai Fountain opens from here! Shows at the fountain are held in the daytime and evening. In the afternoon at 13:00 and 13:30, and in the evening every half hour from 18:00 to 23:00 (from Thursday to Saturday until 23:30). Everything is free.

And the Fountains at sunset just unforgettable!

If suddenly happens that 1 hour will be not enough for you, don't worry :) In fact, you can walk there as much as you wish.

And if you still want to be at the very top and even without a crowd of other tourists, then you should go here on the 148th floor! Tickets are more expensive, but there are few different options :) Click here.

After the visit, be sure to share us your feedback, we will be glad to see you!

Important information
How to get
Burj Khalifa, 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Reviews (5)
Mildred Hoffsteader
It was my dream to visit the Burj Khalifa. The view from the tower was divine, the fountains were delightful, but I was upset because I forgot the camera in the hotel and did not take pictures of all this beauty.
This place is worth a visit. It makes an incredible impression. But my husband was not enthusiastic after visiting Burj Khalifa, he said he was expecting more. But I really liked.
This really is an unbelievably tall building! When viewed from the ground, it really does look fake! We travelled in the elevator to the 'At The Top' floor, which is actually nowhere near the top, but still seriously high up.
This spectacular views don’t leave my head! Never was on the such height before, so I was a bit scary. But it really worth it! Viewing platform on the clouds level opens the unique beauty of Dubai and the telescope helps to enjoy its unbelievable landscape.
Monika Stones
Well worth the trip to the 124th floor. What an amazing view! Awesome architectural work.