Top 10 unique restaurants in the world

Top 10 unique restaurants in the world

Some restaurants, in addition to satisfying the gastronomic hunger, also made to amaze visitors. Here are a few places where you can not only eat but also experience unforgettable feelings.

1.Ithaa: lunch under water

If you dive into the ocean near Conrad Island, in the Republic of Maldives, then at a depth of five meters you can see a restaurant with a transparent vault and surprised visitors who expected to see all sorts of inhabitants of the ocean, but not you. Yes, they eat here under water with a view of the oceanic fauna. You will pay an average of $ 120- $ 250 for a dinner of local and European dishes.

 2.The Grotto: cave dishes

The Grotto Restaurant is located right in the most beautiful limestone cave on Phra Nang Beach in Thailand. The place belongs to the popular resort Rayavadee, but the table can be booked even if you do not live there. The signature dish is grilled seafood served in the evenings.

3.Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar: for a snack in the air

To dine at this restaurant, which is located in Queenstown New Zealand, you will have to ride the cable car. There, through the panoramic windows, you can view the entire city, lake, and mountains from a bird’s eye view. In addition to the magical view, Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar offers a variety of cuisines, including traditional New Zealand dishes.

4. 58 Tour Eiffel: Eating over Paris

All tourists in Paris, strive to climb the Eiffel Tower. What about having lunch here? At an altitude of 58 meters above the French capital, there is the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel. Lunch consists of three dishes, with a drink included. The price for lunch ranges from € 50 to € 150.

5. Treepod Dining: Gourmet Nest

Many in childhood dreamed of a tree house. Surely the creators of the Treepod Dining restaurant dreamed about it or, as it was nicknamed by the people – “The Bird’s Nest”. This is an unusual institution located in Thailand, on the island of Koh Kood. Dishes of exotic Thai cuisine here are served at a table on a tree in a kind of “nest” at a height of 5 meters. What is worth only to watch is how the waiters deliver food, with the help of a cable car.

6. El Tovar Lodge: Steak Over the Abyss

The beauty of the place is, first of all, in the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon, which opens from panoramic windows and from the summer terrace of the restaurant. However, the interior is also very colorful: the cozy wooden decoration in the spirit of a hunting house, hunting trophies, hand-painted painting – all this perfectly complements the dishes of traditional American cuisine.

 7.Vertigo 61: on the roof

The name of the institution speaks for itself. Vertigo means a feeling of spinning around. It is located in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok at a decent height – on the 61st floor of the hotel, or rather its roof. Travelers love to go there for dinner at sunset. There is no protective glass or lattices, so nothing will prevent you from admiring stunning views.

8. Dinner in the Sky: hanging on

The restaurant is a huge platform, weighing several tons, which is raised to the sky 50 meters with the help of a crane. Sometimes next to the restaurant, they raise another platform – with musicians. The taste of one in such an entourage fades into the background. However, they say the food is good there.

9. Remvi Restaurant: Enjoy the Views

This is another restaurant that impresses with its magnificent views. At the restaurant Remvi on the island of Santorini in Greece, you can enjoy panoramic views of the volcano, the caldera, and the Aegean Sea. As for food, here you will taste dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

10.Bateaux Dubai – sail with taste

The floating restaurant Bateaux Dubai provides an excellent opportunity not only to have a tasty snack but also to see all the sights of Dubai Creek Bay. Guests are invited to a luxurious dinner inside a comfortable, cool cabin and a picturesque landscape that opens from large windows to Deira’s skyscrapers and Burj Dubai tower.

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