The top 10 interesting facts about holidays in Dubai

The top 10 interesting facts about  holidays  in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates remain one of the most popular tourist destinations. Dubai alone in the first half of 2018 was visited by about 8.1 million tourists, in 2017 there were 15.79 million, in 2016 – 15.27. To make a comparison, in 2010 – 8.4 million: for those who will go to the Emirates for the first time, it will be useful to learn some of the most important facts about the rest of Dubai.

1.Life outside the skyscrapers

To visit the Emirates and not going shopping on the Eastern bazaar? What will you tell your friends after the holidays? After all, Dubai is not limited to skyscrapers, mosques and theme parks. What will you tell your friends after the holidays? After all, Dubai is not limited to skyscrapers, mosques and theme parks.

Head to the old market or, as it is also called, the spice market, which is located in the Deira district on the embankment of the Dubai River. This is the true heart of the city, merchants from all over the Middle East come here to sell their assets more profitably. The smell of spices nicely teases your nose. Here you can buy spices and dried fruit, incense and even medicinal herbs. All this is well organized in big bags and small bags. Not far from the spice market is the Golden Bazaar. A wide variety of precious metal products, diamonds, and emeralds, obsessive sellers with whom you can bargain as in an ordinary market, as they say, on the whole range. We suggest you take a look here, even if you do not want to buy anything. The view is incredible. And many come to this market only for a tour.

2.Street food

The advantage of the huge number of immigrants in the country is the cuisine of the whole world: there is really a lot to choose from. Do not limit yourself to restaurants: try the fantastic street food.

In the Bur Dubai area, you can taste Iranian, Filipino, Yemeni, Bengali, Indian, Pakistani and Afghan dishes. And, believe me, it will not be less tasty than food in fashionable establishments. Must2Go offers several very informative gastronomic tours, for example on the beach of La Mer – link.

3.Burkini or bikini?

On the beaches of the Emirates, it is not necessary to go in a special swimsuit – the burkini, which Muslim women usually wear. Relax gently and swim in a bikini. Despite the fact that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, tourists are not harassed here.

4. Bring a garment

We recommend to tourists to bring something that can be thrown on the shoulders and on the head. The fact is that in all shopping centers, bus stops and other public places it is quite cold because of the air conditioners. If you plan to visit the Sheikh Zayd Mosque – (link) or the mosque of Jumeirah, then you should also think about clothes that cover your shoulders and head (though often there, at the location, they give you to wear an abaya – for women and dishdash – for men).

5.In the United Arab Emirates: cheap taxis

Of course, the subway is cheaper here, but most stations are not in the most convenient places. This is the reason why tourists are advised to take a taxi.

There are municipal and private taxi companies in Dubai. With private taxis, you can bargain and take down the price, but this is only if you know the neighborhood.

The price for the delivery of cars to Abu Dhabi and Dubai is about the same – about $ 1. Another $ 0.5 you pay for each kilometer.

Experienced tourists recommend not to call a taxi on the phone but to catch it on the road, so you will save time and money.

6.Traffic jams – even in Dubai

Those who have already visited the palm of Jumeirah – (link) say that due to the particular shape of the artificial island, traffic jams happen often on its streets. So, if you get on one of its branches, plan your day keeping in mind the time you will need to go there and come back.

7.In the United Arab Emirates, you can drink

There is an opinion that in the Emirates it is impossible to drink alcohol because the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country, where state legislation is based on Sharia rules. Alcohol in Islam is “haram”, that is “forbidden”.

It is said that its sale is limited to restaurants, bars, and clubs in hotels. But in reality, there are places for all tastes and budgets: from pubs with live music to luxury bars with expensive champagne.

But try to drink moderately: you can be taken to the police if they see you’re walking down the street or you’re drunk in a taxi.

8.But no kissing in public

It is better not to hug and kiss in public, you will attract much unnecessary attention. This applies to discos and hotels, the back seat in taxis and the beach. It is not uncommon for the media to receive information on how tourists are arrested for an innocent kiss.

9.Attention on the roads

In the United Arab Emirates, there are not too many sidewalks, so tourists  looking at the skyscrapers are at risk of getting under a car. In addition, the priority on the roads of the United Arab Emirates is always with motorists, in contrast to the rules established in most other countries. Therefore, to consider everything, it is better to take a taxi or rent a car. With a rented car will be much more convenient to take a tour of different emirates and see the even more interesting ancient emirate of Sharjah, the picturesque Abu Dhabi, the tiny Ajman, the coast Al-Fujairah, the old Umm al- Quwain and the colorful Ras al-Khaimah.

10.In the shopping mall for entertainment

In the huge shopping centers in Dubai, you can not only do shopping but also have fun. And the entertainment here is not worse than in specialized parks. Do you want one of the largest aquariums in the world? You are welcome. Incredible ski slopes? Easy. Skating? Not a problem. And we are not talking about cinema in general. In one of these centers, it can be wonderful to spend the whole day. The Dubai Mall, for example, is the most popular shopping center in Dubai.

In the huge shopping centers in Dubai, you can not only do shopping but also have fun.

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