The best Turkish beaches

The best Turkish beaches

The Turkish coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world. Blue water, clean beaches, beautiful nature, delicious food and the genuine hospitality of the Turks attract tourists every year from all over the world. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the summer. And today we want to talk about the best beaches in this country.


This is not only one of Turkey’s best beaches, but also a global paragliding mecca. Often the central part of the bay is occupied by motorboats, where you can immediately buy a ticket for the National Park. Go to the western part of the beach – the Blue Lagoon. This white spit separates a small bay from the Mediterranean Sea, the water there is incredibly blue. Usually, the best pictures of this beach are made from a bird’s eye view by paragliders. But believe me, you’ll have the chance to make thousands of beautiful photos in this fabulous place.


We have already written about this beach in our article on incredibly beautiful places in Turkey.

This is a wild beach between two cliffs on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. There are no noisy hotels and bars, and therefore fewer tourists than on other resort beaches. You have to reach Kaputash on the highway or navigate by boat on the sea. In any case, the trip is really worth it. This place absolutely fascinates every traveler, many come back here year after year.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is located on the island of Sedir in Turkey. Legend has it that the sand was brought here by Cleopatra from North Africa. It is unlikely that we will find out if this is true, but recent studies have confirmed that such sand is still present only in Tunisia. This fact helped the public and the Turkish government believe on the credibility of the legend. Now the beach is guarded even more strictly.

Side beaches

The side was an ancient Greek city developed. Now it is a famous Turkish resort with excellent sandy beaches. A large number of well-preserved ancient ruins are within walking distance of the hotel.

West Beach is more popular with families with children because the entrance to the water is sweet. In addition to tourists, locals also regularly appear here during the day. Nearby there are many cafes and restaurants where you can always eat tasty dishes during your holidays.

The eastern beach is considered more modern: here the number of laps in the water and nightclubs for extreme recreation is quite impressive. For families with young children, East Beach is not recommended, because the entrance to the sea is steeper. This beach is famous for divers; boats with divers depart daily from the dock.

Both beaches combine outdoor activities such as water skiing, banana boating, and fishing. Fishing enthusiasts leave the coast on comfortable yachts, equipped with everything you need. Fishing is allowed only in strictly designated areas.


This Turkish resort is famous for its unique golden beaches. The sea is of an incredible turquoise color. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, all this magnificence can be enjoyed about 300 days a year, but from September to May it is quite windy and cool, but still sunny. The most popular beach in Kusadasi is the “Long Beach”, about 6 kilometers long. The so-called “women’s beach” is ten minutes from the city center by bus. The beaches here are both rocky and sandy. Everywhere you can find a variety of entertainment. Among the main types of outdoor activities, you can identify sailing, beach volleyball, windsurfing, water skiing, horse riding on catamarans.


The beach of Calis is located in the tourist resort of Fethiye. In addition to the magnificent blue water and white sand, there is a beautiful promenade with palm trees, which is walked during the sunset. Then a slight cold begins to descend on the city, and a pleasant breeze blows from the sea. In the vicinity of Fethiye, there are also many cozy bays with beaches, mostly of pebbles. Many of them can be reached by shuttle bus or taxi.


This is a popular Turkish resort, so there are always many people on the beach. Moreover, Marmaris is considered the capital of nightlife:  in the city, there are a huge number of bars and nightclubs. Music, dance, nightclubs, and many young people rules here. If you want a quiet holiday and relaxing or if you travel to Turkey with the kids, it is better to choose another resort.


Belek is a respectable resort 30 km east of Antalya. Until 1984, this was a completely wild Mediterranean coast, but today it is a continuous series of four and five-star hotels operating on an all-inclusive system. The reputation of the most expensive Turkish resort is confirmed by the presence here of extra-class golf courses, designed by leading world designers.

The peculiarity of Belek is the pine and eucalyptus forests planted 200 years ago, in which many turtles inhabit. One of them, the giant sea “Caretta”, chose the local beaches as a place to lay eggs. 15-20 km from Belek are the ruins of the ancient cities of Pamphylia – Perge, Sillion, and Aspendos.

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