Terms & Conditions


Terms of Service "MUST2GO"
(hereinafter — the Terms)


MUST2GO DMCC is a company registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, managing the MUST2GO entertainment and reservation service.

The site is a publicly accessible website which is located on the global Internet via the link — must2go.com, which is open to any visitor for free, visually, along with all pages, subdomains, which offer selection and online entertainment services.

The mobile application is a software available for download by any user in the online sites of the AppStore and GooglePlay, taking into account the system requirements for the devices used for their installation, which offers the selection and online booking of Entertainment similar to the Site. Any link to the Site in the text of these Terms also includes the link to the mobile application.

The Client is a natural or legal person who wants to use or use the services of the online entertainment reservation service MUST2GO.

Client’s Request is a request for services independently selected by the Client through the “Add to Cart” function, properly created on the Site, providing for assigning the selected Service to the Client and/or specific individuals (or person) selected by him which is confirmed and accepted by MUST2GO. Any Application will be deemed accepted by MUST2GO only after receiving confirmation of payment for the Service from the Customer and transferring proper confirmation to the Customer from MUST2GO.

The Order is information that is transmitted from MUST2GO to the Contractor in accordance with the Application, the Client and/or a group of Clients who wish to receive the corresponding Service.

The Service is provided by the MUST2GO service and includes the selection of Entertainment, making its reservation for the Client.

The Contractor is a legal or natural person, organizer of Entertainment (events) and/or a person — providing services available for online booking on the Site and through the Mobile application.

Online booking is a set of actions that are provided directly by MUST2GO and includes: display on the Site (or in the Mobile application) information for Users about Entertainment; providing the technical possibility of creating a Service Request through the reservation system, which is available on the Website in accordance with these Terms; provision of additional opportunities when purchasing Services or at the stage of return / cancellation of booking via the global Internet network, online on the website — must2go.com.

  1. General Provisions.

1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the cooperation between MUST2GO and the Customer, technical and information support for the Customer;
1.2. MUST2GO provides the Service to the Client, and the Client undertakes to pay the full cost of the Service in the manner and on the terms specified in these Terms;
1.3. The terms of service may vary, depending on what conditions the Provider provides;
1.4. Make a purchase of the Services (s) through the must2go.com website or the Mobile application can only be legally capable individuals or authorized representatives of legal entities;
1.5. When sending data, the Client fully and unconditionally accepts these Terms;
1.6. These Terms, presented on must2go.com, are valid as a public offer in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates;
1.7. MUST2GO reserves the right to change the functionality of the site, its interface, etc., without the consent and notification of the Client;
1.8. MUST2GO, unilaterally, reserves the right to block the access of the Client to the use of the site, including, but not exclusively: in case the Client violates these Terms, in the case of technical reasons/failures not dependent on MUST2GO;

  1. Rights and Obligations of the parties.

2.1. MUST2GO undertakes to:
— post information about the entertainment provided by the Contractor;
— post information about the location of the provided entertainment;
— to ensure the reservation of Services in accordance with the application of the Client;
— provide the Client with informational support;
— if it is impossible to provide the Service by the Contractor at the agreed time, notify the Client about it (sending a message to the Client’s contacts specified during registration, voice call) no later than “12” hours from the moment of receiving the relevant notice from the Contractor;
— to confirm the Client's Application for booking the Services no later than 24 hours from the moment of receiving the full payment for the Service from the Client, unless otherwise provided by the Service Provider;
— provide information support to the Client in case of unforeseen circumstances and assist in resolving the situation;
— consider the Client's claim no later than 14 days from the date of its presentation.
The moment of the Customer’s claim is considered its detailed description on the must2go.com website in the “chats” section of the “write to the support service” section by compiling and sending a corresponding message;
— carry out round-the-clock technical online support of the Client through the “chats” section on the MUST2GO website.
At the same time, MUST2GO is not responsible for failures, technical malfunctions in the work of the must2go.com site related to the interruptions of the global Internet, as well as individual Internet providers.
2.2. MUST2GO has the right to:
— accept the Client’s funds as payment for the Service, as well as transfer them to the account of the Service Provider;
— post on the site must2go.com Customer reviews using their names and photos;
— transfer the necessary information about the Client to the Service Provider;
— at its discretion and unilaterally, refuse to provide the Services with the subsequent reimbursement of their cost (if the Service is paid for);
— refuse to provide the Service without explaining the reason for the refusal;
— before confirming the booking, MUST2GO reserves the right to change the price of the Service due to any circumstances beyond the control of MUST2GO, changes related to the actions of the Contractor.
2.3. The client undertakes to:
— timely (within the time specified by MUST2GO or the Contractor of the Service) and fully pay for the Service before receiving the Service, as well as submit the relevant payment documents, if such is required;
— provide accurate and up-to-date information requested by MUST2GO or the Service Provider, within the time specified by MUST2GO or the Service Provider;
— provide MUST2GO with the necessary information for the subsequent confirmation of the order of the Service, within the time specified by MUST2GO or the Service Provider;
— do not use the site must2go.com for misconduct.
— not to transfer registration data (login, password, etc.) to third parties for their use of the site must2go.com.
2.4. The client has the right to:
— refuse the Application on must2go.com site through the “chats” section by compiling and sending a corresponding message;
— receive reliable information from MUST2GO about the Services;
— to receive a refund of the cost of the paid Service in accordance with the rules established by section 4 “return of funds” of these Terms.
— leave reviews and/or comments regarding the Services only if the information indicated in the comments / does not mislead third parties and does not carry any illegal statements or details.

  1. Payment Services.

3.1. Payment for the Service is made directly on the website must2go.com, in the Mobile application or, in some cases and in agreement with the manager, in cash;
3.2. Payment for the Service is made in the currencies indicated on the MUST2GO website. The cost of the Services indicated on the website does not include the cost of bank fees and other expenses associated with the transfer of funds that may be charged by the Client’s bank, and the fees charged by MUST2GO Bank are borne by MUST2GO itself;
3.3. Payment can be made via a bank card or via an electronic wallet in one of the payment systems listed on the site must2go.com;
3.4. The Client understands and agrees that the transfer and crediting of funds from the Client to the Service Provider, as well as the efficiency of the payment system are outside the MUST2GO control zone since the payment actions are carried out by a third company for which MUST2GO is not responsible.
3.5. The price of the Service may or may not include insurance, depending on the supplier. In the absence of insurance provided by the Supplier, the Client is solely responsible for ensuring the proper level of insurance protection for himself and his belongings.

  1. Refunds.

4.1. Refunds are made only if the Client applied for such a return, no later than 72 hours before the date of the provision of the Service itself, unless otherwise provided by the Service Provider;
4.2. In case of cancellation of the Service later than 72 hours prior to the commencement of the provision of the Service, the Client is charged a percentage of the cost of the canceled Services in the following amounts:
— for refusal of the Service in terms of up to 72 hours before its commencement — 0% of the total cost of the Service;
— for refusal of the Service in terms from 72 to 48 hours before it starts — 20% of the total cost of the Service;
— refusal of the Service less than 48 hours before its commencement is not accepted by “MUST2GO”, and the payment made for the Service is not returned to the Client unless otherwise provided by the Contractor, which is indicated directly on the page (on the card) Entertainment on the Site;
4.3. Refunds are made in the currency of the payment made and to the card or e-wallet from which the payment was made, in the cases provided for in clauses 4.1. and 4.2. of these conditions;
4.4.Payment of fees for all types of bank payments, including those associated with the conversion of funds, is the responsibility of the Client;
4.5. The refund takes place within 14 days after the receipt of the corresponding request for the refund filed, as indicated in paragraph one = point 2.4. these Terms;
4.6. Tickets to amusement parks, water parks, shows and concerts containing a QR code, which have already been sent to the Client, are not refundable.

  1. Responsibilities of the parties.

5.1. MUST2GO is not responsible for the late and/or incomplete, poor-quality performance of the Services by the Contractor;
5.2. “MUST2GO” is an intermediary between the Client and the Service Provider, therefore “MUST2GO” is not responsible for circumstances that are beyond its control, namely, but it is possible: changing the date and/or time of entertainment, cancellation and/or replacement of entertainment, changing the type of entertainment, the terms of entertainment and more. In this case, the responsibility of the service provider;
5.3. MUST2GO is responsible for the provision of the Service, namely the booking of entertainment in accordance with the Customer’s order;
5.4. “MUST2GO” is not responsible for the behavior of the Client, the safety of his health and physical condition, for the Client’s property and other things;
5.5. MUST2GO shall not be liable for consequences arising from uncertain circumstances beyond the control of MUST2GO;
5.6. "MUST2GO" is not responsible for the consequences arising from the incorrect behavior of the Client;
5.7. MUST2GO is not responsible for the actions of the payment system that transfers and credits funds from the Client to the Contractor, as well as for the performance of the payment system;
5.8. The client guarantees that any information posted by him on the MUST2GO website does not violate the rights of third parties or the norms of the current UAE legislation, and undertakes to act as the appropriate respondent in the event of any claims, complaints and/or lawsuits against MUST2GO. which is user posted information.
5.9. The client is fully responsible for the correctness of the data specified when interacting with “MUST2GO”, and is aware that it maintains a dialogue with “MUST2GO” at its own risk;
5.10. MUST2GO undertakes to make every effort to improve the quality of the site, its functionality, prevent unauthorized access to the data that it contains, as well as eliminate the deficiencies arising in the work of the site. At the same time, the Client understands and agrees that MUST2GO cannot guarantee the absence of flaws, failures and/or any errors in the operation of MUST2GO;
5.11. MUST2GO undertakes to exert maximum efforts to resolve the conflict and satisfy the Contractor with the justified claims of the Client related to the late and/or incomplete execution, poor-quality execution of the Services by the Contractor;
5.12. “MUST2GO” is not responsible for the discrepancy between the services provided and the Customer’s expectations and, accordingly, dissatisfaction with the services, since the representation of each particular person is subjective and may not be in accordance with generally accepted standards. MUST2GO is not responsible for the actions of the Contractor. Any liability of MUST2GO is limited only to direct damages caused to the Client in connection with the provision of the MUST2GO Services.

  1. Terms of use of materials posted on the site “MUST2GO” — must2go.com

6.1. The MUST2GO site may contain materials, trademarks, trade names and other legally protected materials, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, graphic images, music, and video works;
6.2. All content, content, and design of the site "MUST2GO" is protected by international law and the legislation of the UAE;
6.3. The client or any third party has no right to use the materials posted on the MUST2GO website, copy them, make changes, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in the sale or assignment, create derivative works and other things;
6.4. The MUST2GO website allows Clients and other users of the MUST2GO website to view and download the materials of the website only for personal non-commercial use, provided that all copyright information and other information about intellectual and private property rights contained in the source materials and any copies thereof are retained ;
6.5. It is forbidden to modify the materials of the MUST2GO site, as well as distribute or display them in any way or use them in any other way for public or commercial purposes. Any use of these materials on other sites or on computer networks is prohibited;
6.6. The materials and services of the site of the online entertainment reservation service “MUST2GO” are provided “as is” without any guarantees. The MUST2GO website does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the materials, programs, and services provided on the site. The MUST2GO website at any time, without notifying Customers and other visitors, may make changes to the materials and services provided on the MUST2GO website, as well as to the services and prices mentioned in them. Under no circumstances shall the MUST2GO Site be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, damages from loss of profit, data or business interruption) arising from use, inability to use or the results of using this Site.

  1. The procedure for resolving disputes.

7.1. All disputes relating to the execution of this Agreement, the parties undertake to resolve by filing a claim, and in case of failure to reach an agreement - in the courts of the UAE under the relevant legislation in force in the UAE;
7.2. A claim is presented in the corresponding section on the MUST2GO website in the “chats” section by compiling and sending a corresponding message.

  1. Personal data.

8.1. Personal data for the purposes of these conditions are information about an individual, namely: name, surname, contact details (telephone, e-mail) and other data obtained in connection with the fulfillment of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as personal data);
8.2. MUST2GO processes and uses the personal data provided by the Client, when registered on the site, to the extent necessary, for the following purposes, but not exclusively:
— data that was specified when setting up an account, for example, name, email address, mobile phone number and the information provided, depending on the Services used;
— transaction data related to the activities on the websites (for example, the purchase of the Service);
— data that is transmitted as part of discussions, reviews, comments, chats or by e-mail, by fax or by mail;
— other personal data that was requested by the Client;
8.3. The Parties undertake to process personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilling obligations under these Terms or in order to implement any actions that are required by law;
8.4. All personal and/or personal data collected during registration will be kept by MUST2GO as long as the Customer’s registration is active, and also for 3 months after the Customer’s registration has been deactivated;
8.5. MUST2GO has the right to provide the Client’s personal data to third parties without their written notice in order to fulfill these Terms of Use of the Site.

  1. Intellectual property law

9.1. All materials posted on the MUST2GO website are protected by copyright and industrial property laws.
9.2. MUST2GO prohibits any use of materials (information, images, videos, trademarks, etc.) published on the website without the written consent of MUST2GO.

  1. Changes

10.1. MUST2GO reserves the right to make minor changes to the Customer’s Order, if necessary due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. 10.2. MUST2GO reserves the right to revise these Terms. Users and Clients agree to periodically visit this page in order to familiarize themselves with current provisions that users must adhere to.