Sergey Kravets: “I hope to become a visionary and to be prepared for the transformation of the market in advance”

Sergey Kravets: “I hope to become a visionary and to be prepared for the transformation of the market in advance”

Sergey Kravets, the founder of one of the largest ticket services, spoke with us about internet marketing trends, the future of the tourism business, and what tour operators currently lack for a full-fledged transition to the Internet.

Which of the trends in the development of Internet marketing, in your opinion,  will be relevant in a few years, and which ones will lose their relevance?

In recent years has occurred a channel consolidation in Internet marketing. As a result, the role of analytics has grown massively. All efforts of the participants are aimed at reducing the cost of the lead. Sites, where you can buy traffic, are available to everyone, and the price of traffic plus or minus has leveled off for market participants. Now it all depends on how you convert the lead into sales.

In an interview earlier, you said that you spend a lot of time studying various analytical data. What research or analysis recently surprised you the most?

I was never surprised. The industry as a whole develops according to a logical scenario, the analytics basically supports previously given forecasts.

Tell us about your team: how many people work there, which is your time schedule, people are working remotely or in the office, maybe there are some interesting activities for employees?

The team consists of about 650 people. The schedule is from morning to evening. People mostly work in offices. If necessary, they connect from home or from the place where they are. We have one of the most interesting goals – to defeat competitors in the fight for the client.

How many tickets per day are sold through

Many, I cannot tell you specific numbers. has a dominant share in the Ukrainian market among all participants (online or offline).

If we compare,,, which of the e-commerce markets is the most complex and conservative, in your opinion?

The Ukrainian market is the most conservative. It is very difficult to swing it, traditions are important, it is a bit closed to experiments. Ukrainians are not a nano nation, as we noticed.

Now there is an active migration of business to the Internet, do you think it will affect the sale of full-fledged tours, or are there still types of services that will not be sold over the Internet?

Of course, it will. Tourism services will be sold on the Internet, as well as regular transport. The issue is regarding very high technological threshold – the systems of tour operators are imperfect, the development of a platform for online sales is an ultra-expensive pleasure, besides, we need high expertise. As soon as we overcome that, the sale of tours will move online. Just think, now more than half of the tourists begin their journey by reading reviews and selecting hotels online. It is clear that it would be logical to continue by performing a transaction., of course, is preparing to take part in this, in the near future.

They talk about success with great pleasure, but about failure – not so willingly. And yet: what actions or inactions do you consider wrong at different stages of project development? We will be grateful for the description of briefcases.

There were many failures, of course, it is meant to be this way. The main thing is the unpreparedness of the organizational structure of the company to the challenges of the market. We are constantly catching up: when something happens in the market, then we make adjustments to the company. I hope to become a visionary and prepare the transformation of the market in advance.

How do you travel? How much in advance do you book tickets? Which destinations do you prefer? What activities do you choose on vacation?

I travel mostly by plane, a lot. In a month about four times, usually on short business trips. I don’t book in advance, I often find out about the need to make a trip only a few days in advance. I do not prefer destinations but they choose me. In winter, of course, it is more pleasant to have a business meeting in Dubai than in Edinburgh. In the warm season, it doesn’t matter. Regarding our holiday, we choose it as a conservative family: the most important things are the sea, the children. We do not fly far away.

The traditional question: plans for the future. What projects and which countries are you planning to develop in the near future?

We plan to develop tourism and business travel automation. We believe that strategically these two directions will show a good result in the near future. And, of course, we will sniff the wind.

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