Istanbul in one day. 5 guided tours for all tastes

Istanbul in one day. 5 guided tours for all tastes

Autumn in Russian poetry is called “sometimes sad”. However, the second sentence of the famous poem, “Charming eyes”, defines Istanbul very well at this time. And, if you’ve never been to the Turkish capital, then it’s better to spend your weekend there. But how can you, in such a short time, have time to see everything and not die? We offer 5 sightseeing tours, after which there will be enough time for independent walks around the ancient city.

1. Living history

Tour of the historical places of Istanbul from Hippodrome Square, built in 203 AD, Topkana Palace, where the love story of Roksolana and Sultan Suleman was born, one of the main symbols of Istanbul and Turkey – the Blue Mosque and Hamam Roksolana, Turkish bath built in 1556, in front of the Mosaic Museum of Qariya, the Great Patriarchate – contemporary religious authority, the panorama of the Golden Horn, the Orthodox Church of St. Mary of Mongolia and the Church of Vlacherna, whose entire history is linked to miracles. The tour is divided into two parts with lunch in a Turkish restaurant.

2. Panoramic Istanbul

The tour begins with a visit to the Mini Türk Park Museum, which contains not only treasures of Istanbul and Turkey, but also of other countries. After – the ascent on the cable car to the Pierre Loti Hill, from where a stunning view of the Golden Horn Bay and its surroundings opens up. Further, through the Beyoglu district and the Galata Tower, the tourists will  take the Tunel funicular to the Galata Bridge. And after a tasty lunch in a Turkish restaurant, the tour will continue on the ship along the Bosphorus.

From the sea you will see the shrouded in legends Maiden Tower, the Rumeli Fortress of Hisary and the Bosphorus Bridge, The excursion will end with a visit to Chamlyj Hill.

3. On two continents

The route of this excursion is as follows: Hippodrome Square, German Fountain, the oldest monument in Istanbul – the Egyptian obelisk, the Topkany Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hamam Roksolani, lunch in a Turkish restaurant, the Hagia Sophia. Then you will sail along the Bosphorus following the same route as the previous excursion – views of the European part of Istanbul – the Maiden’s Tower, the Rumeli Hisarya fortress, the Bosphorus bridge and a visit to the Camydža hill.

4. 30-minute flight over Istanbul

For those who want to save time even when they are on a trip, it is advisable to look at the city from a bird’s eye view. During an amazing half an hour you will see the historic peninsula – Suleymaniye Mosque, Beyazyt, Grand Bazaar, Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Saint Sofia, Topkapi Palace; Golden Horn – Galata Bridge, Church of the Omnipotent Lord, Valens Aqueduct, St. George’s Patriarchal Church (Fener Patriarchal), Fatih Mosque, Rachmi Koç Museum, St. Stephen’s Church Bulgarian (Metal-Kilise), Eyup Sultan, Pierre Loti Cafe, Feshane Surlar (breakwater), Kariye Museum, Miniaturk; The European side (Bosphorus) – Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace, Inonu Stadium, Taksim Square, Ciragan Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Ortakoy Square and Mosque, Rumeli Hisarya (European Fortress), Bebek Bay, shopping centers in Levent and Maslak, Arena Stadium Galatasaray.

5. Cruise along the Bosphorus strait at dinner

This is a tour for those who love romantic dinners. Istanbul attractions from the ship, dinner with Turkish dishes, tea, coffee and alcohol, and in addition to this a beautiful folklore show with a real belly dance.

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