Excursion module
With our module for finding entertainment products, visitors to your website will not only be able to easily and easily find the most relevant and interesting offers for excursions and entertainment, but also book your favorite offer by leaving an email application at your agency.
For your convenience, we have created a module:
With widgets that adapt to the screen size and design of your site
With several design options at your discretion
With additional search filters that allow your customers to quickly and easily find exactly the types of entertainment they want.
Excursion Search Widget
The main module. Designed to search for excursions according to the specified search options on your site.
Different versions of the module can be used depending on its location, for example, it is convenient to insert a single line widget in the header of a site, and a vertical widget into the site column.
Widget "Excursion Showcase"
Shows announcements of specific excursions and is contextual.
In the settings you can specify the country, city and category and display only those tours that correspond to the theme of the page on which the widget is located.
The widget can display a list of excursions both horizontally and vertically; with vertical display, scrolling is not required.
First, the most popular excursions are displayed.